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What is oak?

Oak is a hardwood tree that can grow up to 135 feet high and 80 feet wide. Oak trees are native to the Northern Hemisphere, and they prefer dry places with full sun, such as meadows and grasslands.

The oak tree’s leaves and acorns (fruit) make it an important part of wildlife. Not only do deer and squirrels eat their leaves and acorns, but wild turkeys like to roost in oak trees.

Oak trees are members of the beech family (Fagaceae) , which make up a group of about 60 species of deciduous trees, including different types of oaks, chestnuts and chinquapins.

The trees are characterized by their cup-like leaf buds. Some beech family members have smooth leaves, while others feature prickly edges. Oak trees produce seeds in woody fruits called acorns that ripen in one growing season.

Acorns play an important role in reproduction because they require large quantities of calcium for growth.

What is cutting board?

A cutting board is a flat surface upon which you cut food, usually vegetables and meat.

What are some basic types of cutting boards?

Wooden Cutting Boards are the most common type of cutting board. They are sold at major grocery stores like Walmart and they come in different colors, sizes, and shapes. Wooden boards can be natural or treated with polyurethane.

Polypropylene Cutting Boards are made of 100% recycled plastic, can be molded into any shape, they are dishwasher safe and stain resistant. They should only be used for vegetables and meats that you will not eat raw or undercooked since the board has no antibacterial properties and it’s not as durable as wooden cutting boards.

Horsehair, Bamboo, Glass, and Plastic Cutting Boards are less common types of cutting boards. The one drawback to using these types of cutting boards is that they can dull your knife faster than other cutting board materials since the material itself does not do any of the work when you’re cutting food.

Is Oak Good For Cutting Boards?

Cutting boards are an essential tool for chefs. Before purchasing a cutting board, it is important to consider the material of the board and its health benefits.

Oak has been used as a common material for cutting boards in kitchens around the world due to its durability and beauty. In this article, we will explore what makes oak good for cutting boards and why you may want to use one in your kitchen.

Cutting Boards

Cutting boards are tools we use for chopping and prepping food. While most people know you should not cut directly on wood countertops, they may overlook the dangers of using a wooden cutting board.


Oak is the wood best suited for cutting boards due to its durability and resistance to water absorption. Maple, walnut, cherry, bamboo and teak are also good choices.   Pine and of foods if not cared for properly. Not only is this potentially dangerous, but  it can also lead to compromising the quality of your food.


Before using a wooden cutting board, it is essential that you season it properly. When first purchased, olive oil or mineral oil should be applied and rubbed into the surface of the board until it has been absorbed by the wood.

Next, season with a thin layer olive oil every day for a week and continue seasoning with olive oil once a month to maintain the board’s durability .


Never allow your wooden cutting board to soak in water or let it sit in the sink. The wood will absorb the water, which can expand and damage it. Instead, simply rinse with clear warm water immediately after use and wipe dry before storing.


Wooden cutting boards can be sanded and refinished when necessary to ensure it stays in perfect condition for many years.   Finally, if your board becomes scratched or stained, you can sand out the imperfections and refinish with a food grade mineral oil or butcher block conditioner.

Care of Oak Cutting Boards

When properly cared for, a wooden cutting board can last for a lifetime. That being said, if you want to purchase one, be sure it is made from the right wood and finishes so that your food stays as safe and delicious as possible.


It is likely that oak would be a good choice for your cutting board. Oak is durable and looks beautiful with its rich, warm colors.

You can find it in any type of woodworking store or on the internet if you don’t have one nearby. If you want to use an even more durable material, we recommend cherry!

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