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The sunbeam coffee maker can be used to brew a variety of different types of coffee. It is important to learn about the different features and how they impact your cup of Joe in order to get the most out of this machine.

This guide will go over some helpful tips for using a sunbeam coffee maker so that you can begin brewing delicious cups of joe at home.

How to Use Sunbeam Coffee Maker

Despite its affordability, many users rave about the Sunbeam Coffeemaster when it comes to brewing coffee. The coffeemaker has a maximum capacity of 60 ounces (or three and half liters), perfect for hosting or home gatherings.

Since it has an electric pump, the user doesn’t need to manually press down on a piston after each brew. In addition to this, the beautiful glass carafe makes it seem more expensive than what you have actually paid for. Best Coffee Maker for College Students is also can be learnt to use by these techniques.

In order to use the Best coffee maker properly, here are some steps you can follow:

Pour Water

Pour a little water in the upper tray of the coffeemaker. This is so as to prevent the glass carafe from cracking or shattering when cold water is poured into it.

Fill Tank

Fill the lower tank with cold tap water. The machine will heat this up to 190 degrees Fahrenheit (88 degrees Celsius) before dripping it over the coffee grounds. Make sure to clean the coffeemaker regularly, especially if you are using hard water with lots of minerals in it.

Manual Check

Check the coffee maker’s manual before inserting the filter. Since Sunbeam uses a gold-tone filter, you need to be extra careful when inserting the paper filter. Make sure that it is securely placed in its chamber or else your coffee will taste bitter and muddy.

Coffee Basket

Insert the coffee basket. Make sure that you fill it up to the designated amount or less so as not to cause overflow during brewing. Coffee basket can also be found in Best Coffee Maker Under $100 in some of the models.


Make sure that all of the parts are properly attached before switching on the device. Press the power switch and watch your coffeemaker go through its brew cycle.

Filter Basket

Remove the filter basket once you hear the gurgling sound. This means that your coffee is now ready, so you can now pour it in a cup and serve it to your guests. Filter basket clean up method can also be done with some of the models that comes under Best Coffee Maker under $1000.


Cleaning up after brewing is easy as long as you follow through with each step. First, remove the carafe from its heating element, empty out the excess water in it, and pour-away any coffee that may have spilled. Then, wipe its exterior clean using a wet sponge or cloth dipped in warm sudsy water. Make sure to rinse off the soap residue before letting the carafe dry on its own for 24 hours.

Soft bristle brush

If there are any stubborn stains that won’t go away, you can use a soft bristle brush to remove them. Simply dip the brush into the water and dishwashing liquid and scrub away. Once you’ve removed all of the stains, rinse off your carafe and let it dry out for 24 hours more prior to using it again.

Proper Clean Process

Coffeemakers break down often so it is important to clean them after every use. Dirty coffeemakers can lead to a build-up of calcium in the machine components causing it to rust and degrade its performance, which is why regular cleaning is necessary.

Keep this guide in mind when using your Sunbeam Coffeemaster so you’ll know exactly what steps to take and how each part should be used when cleaning is necessary.


The Sunbeam Café Series coffee maker offers many features like Automatic that make it easy for anyone to use. They are very popular with people looking for a quick, fresh cup of coffee in the morning before they head out to work or school.

This article has offered you some insights into how this model works and what makes it so great. If you want more information about any other models we offer, please contact us today!

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