How to Clean a Bunn Coffee Maker – Easy Steps to Follow 😍 2022

Do you make coffee at home every day? If so, you need to clean your coffee maker on a regular basis. The frequency of how often you should do this depends on the type of machine and the frequency with which it is used. For example, if you use a Bunn coffee maker daily or more than once per day, then it needs to be cleaned out with vinegar after each use in order for it to last longer.Β 

Vinegar will remove any calcium deposits that have built up inside from hard water and prevent them from clogging up the machine’s internal parts over time.Β 

There are many other ways to properly take care of your favorite Bunn appliance too.

How to Clean a Bunn Coffee Maker

If you make a lot of coffee at your home, then probably the best solution is a commercial coffee maker. One of the most popular coffee makers on the market is Bunn model GTD10-2. Many people think it is very difficult to clean Bunn Coffee Maker but actually, this machine has an option to flush it.

We will teach you how to clean a Bunn Coffee Maker and avoid common troubles with this machine that many people face and you can then save your time for future easy use.

How to Clean a Bunn Coffee Maker

Step 1:

Disassembling the coffee maker

When you start disassembling your machine, first of all (from under the brewer) carefully mark the suction tube and remove it. Then you will need to remove the nozzle and dispense the tank. After that remove the drip pan and mark all screws which hold parts, turn cups and place them in the right order (it is very important because you will need to assemble it back).


Cleaning each part of the Bunn Coffee Maker

After you disassemble your machine, you should go over it with a brush to remove dust. Also, you need to check for any fractures or cracks (especially in the heater) and if you find them, then this part should be replaced.

Remember that each part of the Bunn Coffee Maker needs to be washed separately. Take care not to damage the tubing because this part is very important in the process of coffee making.

You can clean this machine with warm water and liquid soap or you can use Bunn Coffee Maker Cleaning Tablets (which are available for purchase).


Assembling your coffee maker back

To begin assembling your machine, carefully wash all parts and dry them. Then clean the heating element and dry it.

Then install all parts back that you removed from your machine in step 1. After that, turn on the power switch and run a water cycle to check if your machine works correctly.

The last step is to refill Bunn Coffee Maker with water and ground coffee – enjoy a cup of fresh coffee!

How to clean a Bunn coffee maker

A BUNN drip brewer is an expensive purchase but ensures the beverage brewed has the optimal flavor. If you are faced with what appears to be clogged or malfunctioning equipment then it’s time for some routine cleaning. With minimal effort and only household items, you can have your BUNN brewer clean and brewing like new in no time.

Upper-level evaporation

The upper-level evaporation system of your BUNN brewer prevents the water from being exposed to air which causes it to become stale. It is important that this system remains clear so proper saturation of coffee grounds produces the best flavor possible. If minerals and sediments build up in the upper-level evaporation system, it can cause water to flow more slowly and produce coffee with a bitter taste.

Empty the brewer every time you finish brewing your coffee so contaminants do not settle at the bottom of the tank or stay on surfaces where they will spread to other components and block proper function and flavor quality.

Clean upper-level evaporation system

Pour some vinegar into the water tank so it covers all of the evaporator fins on the interior tank wall. Use a toothpick or pin to clean between each fin, removing any mineral build-up present on them. Rinse with water and allow all parts to dry before reconnecting your brewer.

Cleaning the spray head

The spray head is also responsible for proper flavor production due to its ability to create turbulence in the water. If sediments become lodged here, they can obstruct this process and remove BUNN’s unique taste you’ve come to enjoy. Cleaning your spray head will ensure that it sprays properly so there is full flavor in every cup you drink.

Unplug the power cord before attempting any maintenance on the electric parts of your brewer.

Disassemble the spray head by unscrewing it counter-clockwise and place parts separate from one another so no dirt or minerals are transferred between them.

Pour 1/2 cup white vinegar into a large cup, enough to completely submerge the spray head. Let it soak for an hour or overnight if possible. If not, estimate 30 minutes of soaking time.

Remove the spray head from the vinegar and scrub all parts thoroughly with a clean toothbrush under running water. This will help remove any mineral deposits that may be present on the parts at this time.

After scrubbing the spray head, attach it to the brewer and run water through your BUNN coffee maker until no more bubbles come out of the spray head. This flushes any residual vinegar left between parts that may affect taste or function.

Clean filter basket

Outer crevices of your filter basket can build up sediment that blocks proper function. You may also notice that your filter basket does not sit properly in the brewer, which can cause flavor problems if it is too loose or results in overflows if it is too tight.

After removing the screw on top of your filter basket, clean out any sediment build-up inside with a small brush to avoid mineral buildup inside.


We hope this article has helped you understand how to clean a Bunn coffee maker. It is important that your brewer stays in good working order so it can brew delicious cups of coffee for you and your family every day. If there are any questions about the process, please don’t hesitate to comment below.

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